Dockside Pets provides premium dog walking and pet sitting services in south Liverpool (currently focusing around L17, L18 and L25), plus in Moreton and its surrounding areas in Wirral (focusing around CH46 and surrounding areas).


We have more than 30 years experience being around and working with animals, including exotic ones. We know how important your pets are to you, which is why we are fully insured and have a clear DBS check. We treat your pets as treasured family members and promise to love and cherish them as much as you do when you leave them in our care.

Feel free to have a look at our 5 star reviews, available on Google and our older reviews on Rover.


We are so excited to have you!

The first step after you have registered with us is to schedule a free meet and greet before we can confirm and carry out scheduled services.

Up to 1 hour - free of charge


We provide 1-to-1 and group walks tailored to your dog's needs. 1-to-1 walks mean that we give all of our attention to your dog, perfect for dogs that for one reason or another don't want to be around other dogs.


After the walk we will wipe any muddy paws, change their water and give them yummy, natural treats from a local shop in Liverpool.

1-to-1 walks (single dog)

30 minutes - £10

60 minutes - £14

Group walks (max 2 dogs)

30 minutes - £10

60 minutes - £11

+£5 for each additional dog from the same household


The perfect service for puppies, senior dogs, dogs that are reactive or shy, and short check-in visits when you are away. Also, this is the perfect short check-in visits for our feline friends and other types of pets.

This can include let outs, feeding, playtime, short walk, and cleaning up any mess that your pet makes.

Before a home visit we will schedule a meet and greet to talk about your specific needs.

Home visits/puppy visits/cat visits

30 minutes - £10

60 minutes - £14

+£5 for each additional pet from the same household

 pet sitting



We provide pet sitting services, holiday visits and overnight stays for just about any type of animal.

Includes feeding, playtime, let outs, cleaning of any mess, and walks (for dogs).

We will also take the bins out, do some cleaning around the house and bring the mail in at no extra charge.

Pet Sitting/Holiday visits in your home

30 minutes - £10

60 minutes - £14

4 hours (weekends only) - £20

Overnight stay (12 hours)** - £40

**Overnight stays start between 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM and last for 12 hours. Includes 30 minutes evening and morning walk for dogs. Additional walks can be booked separately. Only available in Moreton (CH46).

+£5 for each additional pet from the same household




I'm a purple-haired Swede turned Liverpudlian, now residing in Moreton, Wirral. I've always loved animals and helped rescue them ever since I was a kid. Here at Dockside Pets I welcome all types of pets and I specialise in shy, reactive and rescue dogs and cats.


Arthur the Kitty King. Helps his Mum with organising documents and making sure that she is always on track with the bookings. Also, he is very cute.


Merlin helps his Mum by being cute and by trying to sneak into the dog treat bags.



Time To Pet makes it easy for us to communicate with our clients, send instant report cards, photos and messages. It also allows you to tell us any specific requirements about your pets, get updates in real time and allows you to easily manage bookings and payments by adding your card on file.

By downloading the Time To Pet mobile app, it will allow you to: 

  • Ask us any questions in a direct message

  • Update your pet's information and profile photo

  • Request services from us

  • View report cards and photos from scheduled visits

  • Pay your invoices and even tip on the go

  • See your upcoming scheduled visits


After registering with us, you can login to the web portal using your credentials that are sent to you via email, and we strongly recommend to download the app on your phone so that you get notifications about your scheduled visits in real time!

Download the Time To Pet app for iOS from the App Store or for Android from Google Play.


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Moreton, Wirral

CH46 6AZ

Email: hello@docksidepets.co.uk
WhatsApp/text:  07742 211 792


If you are already a client, you can message us directly via Time To Pet (both web browser and app), which is the easiest way for us to communicate with you.


8:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Monday - Sunday.

Enquiries will be answered to if time allows between scheduled dog walks, otherwise they will be replied to in the afternoon once we are back in the office again.


8:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Standard pet care hours between 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM, but other times may be booked. 

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Dockside Pets provides dog walking and pet sitting services in south Liverpool, currently focusing around L17, L18 and L25. We also provide dog walking and pet sitting services in Moreton, Wirral, focusing around CH46 and the surrounding areas in Wirral.

We are fully insured and have a clear DBS check. We take great pride in being a reliable and loving dog walker and pet sitter, available 365 days of the year.